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Our Story

Brisbane Distillery Company was founded by Master Distiller Jon Atherton in 2019 as Brisbane's first Gin Distillery. Our mission was (and still is), to produce quality local spirits with Australian botanicals. However, our founder didn't just want to spread the love of gin through our beautiful bottles, and Gin School was born.

Supporting Australia

When we can, we source from local Australian and Queensland businesses. Especially when it comes to botanicals for our recipes (and yours), we make sure to obtain an authentic local flavour. Read more about our botanical use on product pages or contact us for more info.

COVID-19 About Us

Our COVID-19 Story

Quick Pivot

Like many businesses, we were forced to shut our doors to customers in March of 2020. Our unique position as a distillery allowed us to quickly pivot to producing hand sanitiser during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we've continued to provide charities, schools, government, and local business with our low residue liquid hand sanitiser.

Environmental Responsibility

What do we do?

We're committed to procuring sustainable, ethical and responsibly sourced materials, goods, and services. With the co-operation of our employees, contractors, and suppliers, we apply all our belief in all our economic practices, and produce our gin in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We start by sourcing recyclable and sustainable materials, including glass bottles, packing boxes, and sugarcane straws in our bar. Emitting a net-zero carbon footprint, we utilise solar energy, efficient stills, composting, and recycling to minimise our green footprint.

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